7 Best Remote Work Conferences to Attend in 2020 Vol.2

7 min readJun 16, 2020

This is an updated version of Vol.1

“It’s clear that Covid has changed a lot about our lives, and that certainly includes the way that most of us work,” Zuckerberg said, announcing that half of the company’s employees would work from home. Google told employees that many workers who can do their jobs remotely should plan to do so until 2021. Twitter decided to give up on timelines altogether — telling most employees they can just work from home forever. “Office centricity is over,” Tobi Lutke, CEO at Shopify, said in a tweet.

All these big and small steps, temporary measures, and the remote work experience of more and more people in total will become a turning point. Soon the debate about synchronous and asynchronous work, the primacy of written or oral communication, how to maintain the culture in a distributed company, and other issues that seemed to have been left behind will resurface again.

It is all the more interesting to observe the evolution of the idea of remote work, as from the idea of the future it has become our everyday life, with its problems, difficulties and, of course, advantages.

For those who want to understand the topic seriously and prevent a lot of mistakes the founders of remote companies have already learned from, we recommend choosing a suitable conference (there are not so many of them yet), so that in a short time to absorb the intense flow of information and get down to business, being armed with actual knowledge.

Running Remote Online

17–18 June
20 speakers

“We discovered tremendous opportunities for our community online, thus Running Remote Online virtual conference series was born. Remote-first founders will continue to learn and network without the need to travel. Prepare to be amazed by modern virtual event technology, it’s much more than a Zoom webinar, or a meet-up!”

Running Remote Online is an exclusive event for the founders of remote businesses taking place on June 17–18. This is a free online edition of the wildly successful Running Remote live conference, held annually for the last three years, which delivers insightful case studies from top remote work experts who have scaled their businesses without a physical office space.

Supercharge your remote teams with insights from the companies leading the remote work revolution. This online event offers the unique opportunity to get the full-scale Running Remote conference experience from anywhere in the world absolutely free.

6 topics:
Company culture
Strategy & tactics
Time management and personal productivity
Communication & collaboration
Getting started with a remote business

Remote Career Summit 2020

25 June
28 speakers

“Two Events in One: Career Conference + Job Fair. Learn from remote work thought leaders, get your resume “remote ready,” and connect with companies still hiring.”

Arc helps you effortlessly hire world-class remote engineers and teams. Its mission is to empower talent to do work that matters from anywhere.

Millions of people are now unemployed due to the global pandemic. At the same time, many tech companies have announced they will go remote permanently. Against the backdrop of these massive shifts in the workplace, Arc is hosting a live virtual event to help. On June 25th, they invite job seekers and companies to connect with each other, learn best practices from remote work experts, and attend career & management workshops.

Nomad Summit (offline)

14–17 August
6 speakers
$ X — Ticket sales are temporarily paused due to travel restrictions. Check the
Facebook event to stay updated.

“Come learn from expert internet marketers, online business owners, and successful digital nomads and connect with likeminded traveling digital nomads! Tbilisi is the new digital nomad hotspot in Europe with super low costs of living, 1 year visas on arrival, and an amazing food and culture scene!”

The Nomad Summit is bringing Digital Nomads from around the world to Tbilisi, Georgia for the first time ever. This will be the 9th Nomad Summit as the premier Digital Nomad Conference bringing you the best keynote talks, workshops, networking, and organized meetups, parties and group activities. All of the tickets include access to the Friday Pre-Registration Networking Party, the main conference day and keynotes on Saturday, fun afterparties, the Sunday Networking Party as well as other events before and after the weekend.

August 14: Evening Pre-Check in and Networking
August 15: Main Conference Day + VIP Dinner + After Party
August 16: Nomad Day Activities and Networking
August 17: Optional Workshops
August 18–21: Coworking Days, Craft Beer Meetups, Wine Tasting, and Group Trips.

The Remote Future Summit 2020

23–24 September
6 speakers

“This year’s agenda will be delivered by leaders of remote and remote-friendly companies. Explore 4 themes our speakers will discuss during Remote Future Summit 2020: digital collaboration, culture, human capital, change.”

The Remote Future Summit is an annual virtual conference focused on remote work powered by Remote-how. During the first two editions, it has attracted over 8000 participants, both remote work enthusiasts, and decision-makers from 128 countries.

Remote-first Conference 2020

29 September
10 speakers

“Learn valuable insights and get answers on running and managing a remote tech team directly from industry experts.”

Founders of remote-first startups, creators of remote tools and HR managers of remote teams will meet again to discuss important topics of remote work. The conference will be held for the second time, the first was held in January and you can view the recordings of the speeches here.

So different participants from the most different businesses, different origins, but all of them have one thing in common: the choice of remote and successful mastering of it. A special place among the topics is given to the problem of building and maintaining a culture in a remote company and its role in the comfort of employees and their productivity.

These are the speakers from the previous conference:

JAM Online 2020

12–17 October (9:00 am6:00 pm London)
12 speakers + 10 workshops
From £159

Building great products is hard. We’re here to help you learn from those who’ve been there and done it.

In October 2020, join JAM for their largest event in history, JAM Online 2020. It’s a 5-day online experience focused on expanding your maker’s toolkit through 12 honest stories from peers, 10 hands-on workshops, and 800+ attendees. Early bird tickets (25% off) only until September 7.

Distributed 2020

13–15 October
0 $

“During this three-day remote conference, we’ll discuss the latest trends, frameworks, and best practices you need to know to solve the ever-evolving challenges of modern teamwork. Be a part of the community at our second annual free online conference, featuring companies leading the way in remote and distributed work (or adjusting to a new norm).”

Last year, Miro (the online collaborative whiteboard platform) hosted Distributed 2019, the largest virtual summit for enterprise product teams. That summit had over 14K participants from 86 countries. Be sure to check out Miro’s last year’s agenda and speakers, and learn from the visual guide.

This year with the help of Miro, you can continue learning what enables teams to be successful, whether they’re working from an office, telecommuting from home, or working remotely from somewhere else.

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