How did a Front-end Engineer from Moldova Get a Job at California Startup in Two Weeks?

The case files

“Once I scrolled my Facebook feed and saw ProductHunt post about a new product. The words “remote” and “startup” immediately resonated. This is exactly what I wanted to try, because there is not much choice in Moldova, and if you’re going to grow, you either need to look for a remote job or move. Startups also attracted me because of the lack of bureaucracy.

So I decided to try, filled out the form and… forgot about it. The company where I currently work, wrote to me almost two months after I registered on 6nomads.”

“I even liked the test task. It was a real work task that the guys had already solved. I also immediately liked the attitude during the interview. You know, there is often a feeling that the purpose of the interview is to make the candidate fail. But this time, there was a meaningful conversation between professionals; it felt like the guys really wanted to hire a developer for the team.”

“I was immediately added to all the chats of our messenger — it was super convenient that the onboarding took place inside the product itself. They gave me access to Notion, GitHub, then the team leader began to throw tasks on bugs, and I quickly figured everything out.”

A few months later, we talked to Alex to find out how he is coping with remote work, a new startup, and contractor status.



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