How Do Remote Developers Manage to Be Productive?

  1. Remote work is not for everyone.
  2. Everyone has their own life hacks with a daily routine and motivation.
  3. Working remotely can be difficult, but we have not met anyone who would like to return to the office.

Here are 6 things to do if you want to be productive while working remotely:

1. Try to determine your productivity hours

2. Stick to the schedule

3. Learn to end a working day

4. Separate work and home spaces

“I think the biggest mistake is to not have a space that you can close off. Having space that enables people to come bother you when you don’t want to be bothered. I shut my door, because my family is at home and the shut door is a signal that I’m busy. I open it when I’m free.

If you think you can work remotely on your living room couch and can deal with the distractions that arise, that’s great. But I think more often than not, people need a dedicated space where you’re in work mode. Once I leave that space, I’m not in work mode anymore.

I have a dedicated office that I can literally leave physically. During my evening, I’m not staring at my computer and I’m not hearing the email comes in. I am achieving a work-life balance by having a separate workspace. I think those are really key to staying power with remote work.”

5. Provide yourself with a quality workplace

6. Chin up and maintain your self-motivation

If there ever is a problem that I just can’t solve, I go and take a bath. The pressure disappears, my brain starts working differently. I’ve had days where I’ve had to use this method twice.”



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