How do the Automattic, GitLab and Zapier’s hiring pipelines work?

2 min readJul 1, 2020


To dive you into a topic, we usually give an inspirational quote from someone cool. This time will be no exception.

“Our flexible-work philosophy is one reason we use the unique hiring process: we have to go to great lengths to identify people who will thrive in our culture. <…> Nothing you do for your company has as much impact as putting the right people around the table. The aphorism is true: You can’t manage your way out of a bad team. An approach to hiring that genuinely identifies real skill and fit will give you the best shot at assembling the right team.”

This quote is from an excellent article from 2014 by Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic. In many ways, this article is still ahead of the concept of how hiring should be arranged within IT companies.

Companies like Automattic (1220 employees from 77 countries, 3 billion valuation) are remote work titans that have the knack of hiring the best talent worldwide, so their example can become a guide to action. We have already done detailed research on how established remote tech companies hire. Now, we have reviewed the hiring pipelines in Automattic, GitLab, and Zapier, using their websites and the stories of those who passed. Looking at this, you can implement something new (like a CEO interview via messaging) or change the approach your company has entirely.

But keep in mind still that in the same article, Matt Mullenweg said, “Even as our company has grown, I continue to spend at least a third of my time on hiring.”

That’s when you should remember those who run this blog:) We can’t resist the temptation to say: if you want to hire strong talent faster, just do it here. 6nomads saves a lot of time by taking on all the “dirty” stages and leaving you with the main thing — choosing the right ones from the best.

And, by the way, we have again improved the search system based on specializations, skills, and even “as a plus” skills.
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