How to hire remote engineers like inVision, GitLab and Automattic do?

Spoiler: there is no word about the virus here.

What are the important priorities to consider when hiring employees from other countries?

А. Time zones: Most of the established remote companies work asynchronously

B. The average salary in the region: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

C. Cultural aspect: Mono or multi, Trello or Toggl?

Trello engineer recruitment chart
Toggl engineer recruitment chart

D. Level of English proficiency in different countries: Low or fluent?

E. The origin of the company founder: Immigrants’ hiring superpower

F. The competitive environment within the country

Where should you hire from?

India & Bangladesh

Western Europe: United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France

Latin America: Brazil & Argentina

Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia

How to legally hire remote employees outside USA?

Bonus: Portrait of a remote developer



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