Interview with CTO of Scentbird: How to Manage a Team of 43 Developers in Different Time Zones

Scentbird’s warehouse
Scentbird’s office
  1. Autonomy (the ability to make decisions and not dependant on the office or boss).
  2. Mission (to belong to something greater).
  3. The prospect of becoming an expert.
  • No matter where they live, it is necessary to work and be online from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in New York time. We plan all of our business calls during this time.
  • I never keep track of how much the programmer works and how much code they write. There must be visible progress on the tasks and no hanging issues — this is important for me.
  • The team of fundamental functionality — Core.
  • The team that solves problems of marketing for growth — Growth.
  • The team that deals with tasks — Retention.
Anya Bazdreva



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