Remote founder stand-up with Marcelo Lebre, CTO at

“We’re passionate about what we do, not about working schedules.”

About the mission:

“You may have a great culture in companies like GitLab or Invision, but at the end of the day, you’re still a contractor or a freelancer.”

About the customers:

“They have different expectations, but in the end, what they want is literally the same: they want happy employees.”

Engineering team Monday talks:

“People need to interact as people. If you forget about this, you’re not building a culture, you’re just putting a bunch of freelancers together and making them work together.”

I believe there is a flaw in how we’ve been working for centuries, which is the fact that people separate themselves from their working self. And that’s just weird, honestly, because you spend a lot of hours throughout the day working with people, spending more time with someone than you do with your partner or your kids, and you know shit about them. It’s freaky.

We’re passionate about what we do, not about working schedules.

But getting together is very important. It’s Monday; most people are starting to work. It’s just a great moment to be together. Some people are having tea or coffee throughout the session, are making breakfast, and we’re talking about the world and things that happen. It’s just a better way to start the week.

About the hiring process:

“Sorry, we’re overwhelmed with applications.”

I made a point of replying to everyone to make sure that I value a person’s time, even when people just randomly apply. I want to hire good professionals, but fundamentally good people. And for me to do that, I also have to be one.

Something that is important to me is how you apply, how you present yourself. I’m a very straightforward person, and I expect people to don’t treat me as a typical recruiter or person that never hired someone. I appreciate people come directly with whatever they’d like to do and how it makes sense for them to be at Remote, because I also want to make sure that Remote is great for them. People should put some effort into filtering the companies, but we still see many mechanized and automated applications.



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