Where to post remote jobs for developers for free

1. Join Slack

  1. Find professional communities.
  2. Read the rules of the community.
  3. Choose a channel appropriate for posting a job in a list to the left of your screen, such as #jobs, #career, #hiring, or even something more exotic like #feeding-the-family that the Slack Java specialists community has.
  • Slofile programming and tech categories
  • Standuply where 2000 chat groups are listed
  • Techbeacon featuring 46 Slack groups for developers
  • Toggl list with 109 Slack communities for sourcing mostly for IT roles

2. Explore Discord

  • GitHub awesome lists feature general communities for developers and ones dedicated to a particular topic or language.
  • Discord.me is a public Discord server directory perfect for finding new communities. The servers there are divided into different categories aka tags with ‘programming’ being the most relevant for hiring developers. You can log in there using your Discord account to make joining servers more convenient.
  • Disboard is pretty similar to Discord.me. To find servers for job postings try different tags, i.e. ‘programming’, ‘coding’, ‘tech”, and rank the list by member count.
  • Top.gg is another place where you can look for Discord servers and rank them based on the number of members.

3. Don’t delete your Facebook account just yet

4. Become a Redditor

  • r/forhire with more than 200k members is the most popular thread for posting jobs on Reddit.
  • r/hiring has 10k Members and made specifically for job listings.
  • r/jobbit might be the best option as its main focus is on programming.
  • r/gameDevClassifieds is created for posting jobs in the game industry.

5. Get featured in ‘Who is hiring?’ By Hacker News

6. Try Telegram

7. Shift to asynchr

8. Hard to find and easy to lose: a bonus list of free job boards!



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